VividCon Vid Auction

The Vid Auction is held as a fundraiser for VividCon. Bidding is open to everyone — you do not need to be a member of the con to bid.

Bidders vie for the chance to have a vid made to order by one of the vidders who have volunteered their services for the auction. Different vidders will have slightly different guidelines for what exactly they’re comfortable offering — please read the full description of each entry for details. Please note that on anything that isn’t specifically covered here or in the entry, the vidder gets the final say, so drop the vidder a note if you have any questions.

The winning bidders will each get one DVD copy of all the auction vids, as well as a credit in the vid titles and in the program book, along with our gratitude for contributing to the con. We show the auction vids at the con on Sunday afternoon following the Challenge vidshow.

Happy bidding!

Ended at: 1191 days 1 hour 52 minutes 58 seconds ago
USD 90.00

This auction has been sold to Wolfling at USD 90.00 .



Teen Wolf
Marvel Cinematic Universe (including TV shows)
Too many scifi & fantasy movies to list here–but just a few examples are Mirrormask, Suckerpunch, Cabin in the Woods, Pacific Rim, Edge of Tomorrow, REPO! The Genetic Opera, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Fifth Element, Coraline, The Hunger Games series. Feel free to ask about any others you want!

Music: I’m open to all music types and I am happy to accept any song prompts from the bidder as long as I feel I can work with the song to make a vid.

Needs & Preferences: I’m pretty flexible about what to vid within the above fandoms and am happy to accept direction from the bidder. I would love to be able to work together with the bidder to create a vid that we both love.

I am also fine with using (some) effects, making AUs and combining multiple sources although this greatly depends on whether I think I can do it in the time frame.

It would be fantastic if the bidder could bring multiple prompts to the table so I can choose the one that I think I will be able to make the best vid for.